A small metal cube stolen during a break-in at a Stratford house. Picture: Supplied
A small metal cube stolen during a break-in at a Stratford house. Picture: Supplied

Cruel act by burglars in ‘scary’ break-in

A STRATFORD woman whose home was broken into as she slept has been left devastated after the thieves stole a deeply sentimental item linked to a deceased close friend.

Anita Grassmee said her mobile phone was snatched "30cm from where my head was sleeping" and various other personal items were taken during the break-in at her Holmes St residence last Friday night.

But the final insult came when she and her partner realised a small silver box they routinely take back to Germany to place on the grave of their friend was gone.

"We cried and we were so upset because we couldn't believe it," she said.

"It would probably have no value for anyone else."

Ms Grassmee said the first thing the couple noticed when they woke up was their phones were missing from beside the bed.

"I don't care about the stolen (credit) cards, but the feeling to know they were so close behind us and thank God we didn't hear anything or that would have been even more disturbing," she said.

"They've obviously spent some time inside our room while we were sleeping. It's so creepy and scary."

She said the small silver box was only about 3cm wide and may have been discarded by the thieves after they left.

"They could put it back - no questions asked - in the mailbox," she said.

"We're prepared to pay a reward to anyone who finds it - not the thieves - but anyone else."

Cairns property crime squad detective Sergeant Dan Bramham said the break-in had likely occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning and they were investigating other offences in the area at the same time.

He said a 16-year-old White Rock boy had been charged with a linked offence but investigations were ongoing.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers.