Cunard celebrates 175 years on the seas

From 19th century transatlantic voyages, World War I and the glitz and glamour of the 1950s parties, Cunard has seen and been part of history.   

For 175 years, Australian shipping line Cunard has been carrying guests between continents and they've released an animated video to celebrate.   

The timeline begins in 1840 with Sir Samuel Cunard as Britannia makes its maiden transatlantic voyage to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  

The animation is sure to hold many surprises for those unfamiliar with Cunard's rich history, including the loss of 20 ships from the fleet when they were deployed during WWI from 1914-1918.  

As well as being called upon at time of crisis, the animation also details how Cunard played its part in the world of fashion and glamour as many of the world's most iconic movie stars graced the Promenade Deck of Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth in the 1950s.  

Fred Perry, Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor to mention just a few, were regular guests as they made their way across the Atlantic.