A BUNDABERG woman's recent death had been attributed to inadequate understanding by medical professionals of what her medical alert bracelet or necklace signified, a Gympie conference of the Queensland Country Women's Association has been told.

The QCWA annual conference at Gympie Civic Centre adopted a Toowoomba Branch resolution that health care workers should be trained in the significance of the different types of medical alerts they may encounter.

"We have known of fatalities that have occurred because health care workers are not fully trained in the many different types of medical alert items.

"Each medical alert item can signify an allergy to a different type of drug.

"There was a report recently of a Bundaberg woman dying because the medical attendant was unaware of the meaning of the medical alert she wore.

"One of our own members when in hospital recently was asked by a nurse what her bracelet was for," the Toowoomba delegates said