Jeanette Young spoke in Gympie today.
Jeanette Young spoke in Gympie today. Sharyn O'Neill

CWA conference told we are all too fat

Queenslanders need to lose more than 35,000 tonnes of fat, while eating an extra 1000 tonnes of vegetables a day, Queensland's preventive health boss Jeannette Young said in Gympie this morning.

Fortunately, she means Queenslanders as a whole.

For individuals it comes down to a little less than that, about two serves of fruit and five of veges every day.

Dr Young admitted that part of the program involved "smuggling" extra vegetables into our lives, including through one recipe for chocolate cake that included an undetectable extra serve of veg.

"But we shouldn't need to smuggle fruit and vegetables into our food," she said.

"Queensland farmers grow beautiful fruit and vegetables and if we want them to do more of that we need to provide the demand," she said.

Dr Young addressed more than 350 supporters and delegates at Day 1 of the Queensland Country Women's Association's 93rd annual state conference, underway for the rest of this week at Gympie Civic Centre.

The Queensland Health Deputy Director-General said she was delighted to help the QCWA play its part in boosting the health of Queenslanders through healthy eating.

She launched the association's Country Kitchens Program, which she described as a $2.5 milliion initiative to be delivered over three years in rural and remote Queensland communities.

"It will reach at least 80 rural Queensland communities and built local level capacity to promote healthier eating and support local community members to develop hands on cooking skills, to enable them to cook healthier meals at home," she said.

And all this good health could be achieved not by eating less, but by eating more healthy food.

"The program will be promoting the importance of increasing our daily consumption of fruit and vegetables and providing practical tips to do this.

"The Country Kitchens program will also develop some practical tools and resources to support sustainable healthier eating, including the QCWA Healthy Catering Guidelines and the QCWA Healthy Coobook.

"I welcome the three community nutritionists who will be working with local QCWA branch and community members to develop community based initiatives to support healthier eating of the three-year period."

She said the program could make real improvements in the lives of Queenslanders and the QCWA would have an essential role in its success.