Nasty meme has cyclists on high alert for angry motorists

The meme that has prompted a safety warning for cyclists in the Toowoomba area.
The meme that has prompted a safety warning for cyclists in the Toowoomba area.

A SURGE in cyclists on Toowoomba roads and a growing anti-cyclist movement on social media has sparked a safety warning for the Toowoomba area.

Online cycling group Cycle released the warning after receiving a meme critical of cyclists, reminding them to "stick to the side" of the road.

"You own a bike, not a Mack truck," the meme reads.

Cycle is concerned that anti-cyclist sentiment could lead to clashes between sports riders and motorists.

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Toowoomba's roads have seen an increase in cyclists training for upcoming events, including Oceania Road Championships that started yesterday and next month's Tour of Toowoomba.

The warning outlines the basic rules to follow in a conflict:

  • Avoid the driver while in the car by moving out of his drivable reach (footpath or embankment).
  • If the driver or passenger begins to exit the vehicle, you are best to evade than to confront (this is in all cases, just get out of there).
  • If and when safe, record the registration, description of the car, description of the passengers and any other details. Most phones have a record voice feature; put a shortcut to it on your phones home page.
  • Contact the police, do not follow them, do not be a hero, you have family that love you, they have a two-tonne killer.
  • Contact us at Cycle or the Amy Gillett Foundation to let us know what has happened.

Cycle's warning says the group has contacted police, and that police are monitoring the group that released the meme.

"Please be safe, we want you all to have a safe weekend and ongoing," the warning reads.

"These stupid people think they are clever behind the keyboard, but some do act out on it.

"This warning has come because of the (meme).

"We ask you do not engage this group, the police are already monitoring it."

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