Sunisa Stedman, 21, has an early vote in Gympie.
Sunisa Stedman, 21, has an early vote in Gympie. Renee Pilcher

D-day arrives for our voters

POLITICIANS are fond of saying that there is only one opinion poll that really counts - and that is the election all of us are about to participate in today.

Much as many polls have the election result already decided, this is only a theory and today it is more true than ever that every vote counts.

If you are here for only a short time, on business or holidays, or if you have recently moved to a new electoral district but your enrolment has not yet changed, you can lodge an absentee vote. Just ask the issuing officers on duty at the polling booth you attend.

Under Queensland's optional preferential system of voting (in use in state elections since 1992), you can vote for just one candidate, more than one or, all the candidates on the ballot paper, in order of preference.

Electoral Commission Queensland advises that you can choose to mark only one square, leaving all others blank, or you can express a partial distribution of preferences by voting for some candidates, with numbers denoting your order of preference, or you can express a full distribution of preferences, marking each and every square in order of preference, ECQ advises.