Dad bashes neighbour in dispute over photos of child

A DAD who lost his temper when accusing a neighbour of filming his toddler daughter has been jailed for bashing the man.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard that the intoxicated dad jumped over the fence and bashed the man in the front yard before the bloodied neighbour retreated back inside his home.

The father took a shower before returning to the injured man's house and threatening him.

Father of six, Anthony Neal Woodham, 43, who now lives in Leichhardt, pleaded guilty to unlawfully assaulting the man causing bodily harm in Brassall on September 27, 2019; and unlawfully entering a dwelling to assault.

Written police facts were handed up to the magistrate to read.

Prosecutor Sergeant Nicholas Turnbull also handed up photos of the man's bloody facial injuries, saying they were significant.

He said the assault causing bodily harm took place at the front of the house.

Woodham later returned, entering the man's home through a side door.

Sgt Turnbull said that when police arrived Woodham was seen to be standing in a threatening position over the man, who was seated on a lounge chair.

"The assault was quite unprovoked. He did not want to fight Woodham but he did so in pursuit of a grudge," Sgt Turnbull said.

"It is objectively more serious to then go into the house when the complainant has effectively already been beaten to a pulp."

Police sought a jail penalty of 2 ½ years for the assault causing bodily harm, and 18-months for the burglary/assault.

Defence barrister Daniel Boddice argued that Woodham should not be sent to jail because of his unremarkable history with no convictions for violence.

"The context of this case is critical," Mr Boddice said.

"The neighbour has been seen on multiple occasions filming or viewing his 18-month old daughter."

Mr Boddice said it was conceded that Woodham took it too far.

Magistrate Andy Cridland said he was very concerned that after taking a shower Woodham went back to the man's house.

"It certainly has overtones of taking the law into your own hands, of vigilante behaviour," Mr Cridland said.

"(I find) The most serious is the burglary offence."

Mr Cridland convicted and sentenced Woodham to a 2 ½ year jail order for the burglary, and 18 months for assault causing bodily harm.

He was ordered to serve six months behind bars, with the remainder suspended for three years.