Mother Manjinder Ghuman who died after was stabbed in her home Gordonvale - Photo Supplied Copyright Unknown
Mother Manjinder Ghuman who died after was stabbed in her home Gordonvale - Photo Supplied Copyright Unknown

‘Dad, save me,’: Mum's last words during frenzied attack

"DAD, save me."

With these last dying words, Manjinderjit Kaur Ghuman begged her 70-year-old father for help as her drunk husband rained down savage blows with a kitchen knife, a court has heard.

Cairns Supreme Court yesterday heard Ms Ghuman died in minutes under the force of the frenzied attack, suffering 23 stab wounds of such force the tip of the blade broke off in her face.

Her husband, Balwinder Singh Ghuman, has pleaded not guilty and stands trial for the murder of his wife, the murder of her mother Sukwinder Kaur and the attempted murder of his father-in-law Sarwan Singh Johal on Wiltshire Road, Gordonvale, in March 2016.

Up to 102 witnesses may be called to give evidence in the trial which is expected to continue into next week.

Crown Prosecutor Nathan Crane told a jury of nine men and three women the defendant attacked his wife while drunk and was likely to have had a blood-alcohol level of up to 0.286 per cent.

"She suffered 23 puncture wounds ... some were defensive wounds," Mr Crane said.

"Such was the ferocity that the metal tip of the knife broke off and lodged in her cheek."

He alleged the accused chased his wife from the house and continued his savage attack on the front lawn.

"Their two daughters watched their mother die. They were there to see it," Mr Crane said. The commotion drew Sarwan Singh Johal from a neighbouring house.

"He was a man in his 70s, he was somewhat frail but he did what he could - he tried to push (the defendant) off his daughter," Mr Crane said.

The court heard Mr Ghuman stabbed his father-in-law in the chest and pursued him, stabbing him in the back.

"Sarwan's wife came out," Mr Crane said.

"She was in the driveway and was repeatedly stabbed - she died within minutes."

Anthony Glynn, defending, told the jury his client admitted his actions caused the deaths and wounding but had not intended to murder or cause grievous bodily harm.

"You need to know how much he was affected by alcohol," Mr Glynn said.

He said expert evidence would show Mr Ghuman suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and had no memory of the stabbings.

"He was abusing alcohol to cope with his psychosis, his delusions," Mr Glynn said. "He was suffering a complete impairment of the capacity to know the nature of what he was doing."

The prosecution will continue its case today.