Daily Mercury journalist Zizi Averill. Picture: Tony Martin
Daily Mercury journalist Zizi Averill. Picture: Tony Martin

Daily Mercury: What you need to know

AS we adapt to these changing times, the Daily Mercury has made the tough decision to close our front reception counter for the next two weeks.

We have also moved to reduce our workforce at the Gordon St office until further notice.

Both are proactive steps to do our bit to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the Mackay community.

We believe if we each do our part, we can flatten the curve and ensure our health services are not overloaded with patients.

Because our teams will be working remotely, we will face some challenges as we adapt to the situation.

This decision does not mean our teams are in isolation, just that we want to ensure we can still keep you up to date with the news as it breaks.

We will still aim to deliver the best product we can but please bear with us through this process.

Small changes coming for the Daily Mercury.
Small changes coming for the Daily Mercury.

We will endeavour to keep your abreast of any further developments.

As someone who had a grand adventure planned in Italy and Spain for five weeks from March 31, I completely understand the idea of being cooped up indoors and avoiding social gatherings can be tough and isolating.

But it’s important we try to adhere to the new guidelines as they are released to safeguard our community.

There’s been a lot of doom and gloom around about the coronavirus so please let us know if you have any positive stories we can report on or any good profile stories on awesome people in our community?

We are super keen to tell your stories.

We will still be available via email and phone.


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