UNLESS you recently moved here from another planet, you may have noticed that a fair bit of the country is pretty pissed off at high-profile Muslim commentator and ABC host Yassmin Abdel-Magied over some Facebook comments she made on Anzac Day.

"LEST WE FORGET" she wrote, before adding: "Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine..."

After a massive online backlash Ms Abdel-Magied said she realised the post was disrespectful and removed it and apologised.

Many on the right are demanding that she be sacked by the public broadcaster as well as from any taxpayer-funded government roles that she has. Meanwhile many on the left are defending the comments, despite the obvious gross insensitivity to the memory of fallen servicemen and women.

As of Wednesday, petitions calling for the part-time presenter's dismissal from the ABC had hit more than 70,000 signatures and Real Housewives of Sydney star Lisa Oldfield had called her a "b****".

So, who is right and who is wrong? Fortunately in this first ever edition of The Daily Outrage all you have to do is watch this two minute video to find out.

So sit back, relax and feel the rage!