DALBY MATTERS: Olivia Ott is working to give local businesses the recognition they deserve.
DALBY MATTERS: Olivia Ott is working to give local businesses the recognition they deserve.

Dalby social media guru’s bold plan for 2021

The social media mastermind behind one of Dalby’s popular business promotion pages has a bold plan to grow the economy in 2021.

Olivia Ott is the creator of Dalby Matters, a social media site publishing local business content across Facebook and Instagram.

Its inception began during the 2020 coronavirus lockdown, giving businesses another platform to promote their business practices in line with restrictions.

Now with coronavirus subsiding, she has a bold new strategy to highlight the best of the Western Downs through social media.

“Dalby is great at buying locally and supporting our businesses, because customers are quite familiar with owners,” she said.

“What I want to do is hopefully expand their reach further, outside of the Western Downs to Brisbane, and possibly interstate.”

Ms Ott has recognised a growing trend in online buyers from Victoria and New South Wales searching for homegrown, locally made items from regional parts of Australia.

“We have some amazing creative people in our town, from graphic designers to earring makers,” she said.

“Through the social media engagement I feel like we’d be able to open up that market for our local businesses, and support them even more.”

Ms Ott stays in touch with businesses owners regularly, periodically posting about two businesses each week during 2020.

This equates to roughly more than 50 promotional posts in the last seven months.

Her commitment to the local economy is evident in her page’s name “Dalby Matters” in her words, as she just wants to see businesses thrive in her new home.

“If they’re thriving, we’re thriving,” she said.

“I just want to encourage everyone with brilliant ideas to start, as I just wanted to support the town.”

You can find her page on Facebook under the name Dalby Matters, and @dalbymatters on Instagram.