Daley dose reminds Blues they can't be too cocky

DON'T think for a second the NSW Blues squad is getting carried away with its victory in the opening game of the State of Origin series.

At camp in Coffs Harbour to prepare for next week's second match of the series, Blues captain Paul Gallen said coach Laurie Daley let the players know straight away the team didn't play that well, despite holding on for a famous 12-8 victory at Suncorp Stadium.

"We've been getting patted on the back for the past two weeks, but when we got into camp 'Loz' showed us video of basically what we did do well and what we didn't do well," Gallen said.

"At the end of it we came to the conclusion that we probably didn't play as well as we thought we did.

"We were very courageous and we showed a lot of ticker and blokes really toughed it out, but as far as sticking to our game plan, especially in that second half, we went right away from it.

"We have to play a lot better because we know Queensland are going to be better."

The skipper, still battling a neck injury from game one, said the Blues were almost their own worst enemy in the second half of the first game when Queensland regularly had them defending grimly on their own line.

"In the second half they really started to rev up and we went into a mode where we just decided we wanted to play tough instead of smart," he said.

"Everyone knows we're tough and Origin is a hard arena to play in, but to beat this Queensland side we've got to play a bit smarter."