Daniel Ricciardo is reportedly dating Red Bull associate Annemarie Horbass
Daniel Ricciardo is reportedly dating Red Bull associate Annemarie Horbass

Ricciardo’s racy romance revealed

DANIEL Ricciardo has always tried to keep his private life secret, but a report claims his romantic secret is out.

The Aussie Formula 1 star has previously refused to comment on his personal life and is yet to speak publicly about a report in The Daily Mail, which claims he's been secretly dating German beauty Annemarie Horbass, who works with an event management company associated with Red Bull.

The report claims Ricciardo's Formula 1 colleagues have confirmed the pair have been dating after they were spotted celebrating together following the Aussie driver's dramatic victory at the Monaco Grand Prix last month.


They reportedly spent the Sunday night in Monaco after the race at the same nightclub and were spotted sitting next to each other on a luxury yacht alongside Red Bull colleagues as they celebrated the team's Grand Prix victory.

An unidentified colleague of Ricciardo reportedly told The Mail the relationship is, "Nothing too serious just yet".

Daniel Ricciardo likes his private life private.
Daniel Ricciardo likes his private life private.

Horbass is an event management specialist who works with German media company Eventureline - used by Red Bull for assignments across the Formula 1 calendar.

The 24-year-old stunner has been spotted working on pit lane at several grands prix this year and has travelled to Melbourne and Sydney.

She is reportedly the first woman linked to a relationship with the 28-year-old driver since his break up with his childhood girlfriend Jemma Boskovich at the beginning of 2016.


Ricciardo has previously blamed his hectic Formula 1 schedule for the relationship breakdown.

That was all news for Sydney radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands in September, 2016, when he accidentally threw Ricciardo under the bus in a live interview on breakfast radio.

Ricciardo made an appearance on KIIS 1065's Kyle and Jackie O and became trapped in an awkward conversation for a man in his newly-single situation.


Annemarie Horbass has secretly been dating Daniel Ricciardo.
Annemarie Horbass has secretly been dating Daniel Ricciardo.

Asked by Jackie O if he'd ever visited the private Fijian island owned by Red Bull's billionaire founder Dietrich Mateschitz, Ricciardo said he'd been invited but was yet to make the trip.

"I know why," Sandilands interjected.

"Because Daniel's with his high school sweetheart. He's not like the rest of these F1 drivers who are banging Rihanna and Pussycat Dolls. He's a decent bloke. He's with the same bird since he's been at school."


Ricciardo appeared to make an attempt to rein Sandilands in, but the shock jock ploughed on. "Whether he regrets it or not, I don't know. But what a gentleman. Because most guys would get famous - world fame like this, being an F1 driver that's nothing to sneeze at - and see all his mates taking off with superstars, and then he's got to go home and mow the lawn like any other Aussie. Is that right, Daniel?"

"Ah, this is awkward," Ricciardo responded.

"Why, you haven't split up have you? Don't tell me that," Jackie O said.

"It's all good," Ricciardo said. "Next subject."

A few days later Ricciardo was quoted declaring: "I'm probably never going to do an interview with those guys ever again.

"I am single, but yeah, details and all that... it's not new, by the way, not new news."

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