Fast track Section D of the Bruce Highway bypass.
Fast track Section D of the Bruce Highway bypass.

Dare we hope plans are in motion to fast track Section D?

IT WAS a terrifyingly close call yesterday for the 89-year-old woman airlifted in a coma to Sunshine Coast University Hospital after her car collided with a north-bound truck at the Bell's Bridge intersection.

Now fighting for her life, that woman is undoubtedly a mother and a grandmother, cherished by a family now distraught with worry.

The Bells Bridge intersection is located on what has been referred to as the Highway of Death, or "new death stretch” of the Bruce Hwy north of Gympie.

It's a chilling label but it reminds us all of the road toll it takes.

The Feds and the State Government had committed $14 million to upgrade the intersection, and the nearest thing to a start date we had was the end of this year.

But last night things changed. TMR said it was revisiting plans for that intersection with a view to what it will need once Section D of the bypass is built.

Dare we hope that the powers that be within Transport and Main Roads are already thinking and planning for Section D to happen a lot sooner than originally planned?

It's true that $14 million is a lot to spend if that intersection will soon be bypassed by most highway traffic. Let's keep our fingers crossed.