A DASH cam owner has captured the moment a girl is hit by a truck in Sydney.

The driver, identified only as Jason, shared the footage on the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page.

He was following the truck in his vehicle when the incident occurred.

He said the girl stepped in front of the truck and was hit.  

However, a commenter on the footage suggested she was just standing too close to the curb.

"This happens more often than you think. People using mobile phones standing right on the kerb lose their balance and on to the road they go. When driving my truck through the city I see them right on the kerb. I hit the air horn and they look up and move back," Adrian Bates wrote.

The vision shows the woman landing in the gutter and the truck driving on.  

"The truck driver that hit her did stop," Jason said.  

"The woman did not sustain any serious injuries as far as I know, as she refused an ambulance and was able to get up and walk away from it."  

Commenter Steven Giourelis said she should have been attended to by paramedics.  

"Hey guys in future if you see something like that never let the victim walk away get an ambulance regardless and keep them there till it arrives," he wrote.  

"Too many cases of people walking away saying they are ok but then get home and collapsing from shock and sometimes dying."