SUNSHINE Coast driver Josh Frew has posted dash cam footage of a traffic near-miss on Oloway Crescent. 

In the video Mr Frew turns into Oloway Crescent but is almost hit as a car fails to stop while pulling backwards out of their driveway. 

The front passenger can be seen holding out their arm as if to fend off the oncoming car. 

Mr Frew called the zone a "hazard".

"The reason why I uploaded it to the Community Board was to put out there that they need to fix the roads, or put more signs up.

"Or something to improve it from the hazard that it is."

How do you think dash cams are influencing driving?

This poll ended on 19 April 2016.

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Pointing out terrible driving has got to be good.


It could go either way.


This can only end badly.


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A comment on the original video pointed out that trucks using the road often drive on the wrong side of the road to avoid the cars parked on either side.