DANGEROUS MOVE: This dash cam footage shows the dangerous move this car driver pulled.
DANGEROUS MOVE: This dash cam footage shows the dangerous move this car driver pulled. Kate Dodd

Dash cam video leads to charges

THE attitude car drivers have towards how they act around trucks on the roads will not change unless they see first-hand how dangerous their actions can be.

That's the view of truckie Dimitrios Reynish, who captured dash cam footage of a car driver cutting in front of him to take the exit they were about to miss.

Big Rigs published a story about the footage from the Pacific Highway, which led to a rare win for the industry.

Several other media outlets picked up the story - including Melbourne's Ray Hadley, who called the Highway Patrol Task Force in Sydney, who contacted Dimitrios asking if he wanted to pursue it any further.

"They said I'd have to give a statement and be prepared to go to court in case he fights it," Dimitrios said.

He said NSW police could charge the car driver with the offences of failing to give way and negligent driving.

"It's a good outcome for truckies, but I think it'd be better off if he met us at the police station and sat in my truck with his car in front to realise how close he was to giving me an oil change instead of giving him a fine of a few hundred dollars," he said.

"The public have no idea. They have no idea how long it takes a truck to stop, how big a truck is and what we can see and what they can see.

"So if we sit him in the driver's seat, put his car in front of my truck - I couldn't see his rear window or boot, that's how close he came - if he saw that for himself, maybe he would change his driving style around trucks."

Dimitrios said car drivers would not change their behaviours until they saw first-hand how dangerous their actions could be.

"He might tell his daughter or son, his wife, his mates," he said.

"It has a flow-on effect. He would have looked in his mirror, saw a big blue truck flash his lights and horn and he's probably gone 'What's your problem mate?'.

"He's oblivious to what could have happened."