Who was in the wrong here?
Who was in the wrong here?

Dashcam video sparks heated debate

DASHCAM footage of a crash caused by a driver running a red has sparked a debate, with many believing the person who had right of way was at fault.

The video was uploaded to Dash Cam Owners Australia and shows a driver waiting at an intersection while vehicles cross in front of them.

Two more cars sneak through the intersection just before the light turns green, with the driver then proceeding through the intersection.

However, another car decides it will try and get through as well, ignoring the red light and crossing in front of the driver, resulting in a collision.

The dash cam owner claimed they couldn't see the car as it was in their blind spot.

"Green for me. Don't know how I didn't see them run the red as the other cars already did run the red as well. I put it down to blind spot from A pillar and tired/late for work," the driver said.

Even though the other car was clearly in the wrong for running a red light, many social media users claimed it was the dashcam owner's fault.

"OMG why did you drive into that car? It was obviously coming across," one person wrote.

"Dash Cam driver needs to hand his license in," another said.

Other's slammed the driver as "dumb" and an "idiot".

One added: "Just because the light goes green, doesn't mean you slam your foot on the accelerator and take off."

However there were a few people that came to the dashcam owner's defence.

"Cam driver admits the van was in his blind spot… you know who's still in the wrong here? THE RED LIGHT RUNNER," one person said.

Another pointed out: "Everyone needs to remember what the camera can see is not what the person can see."

"The pillar on my 2016 car, can hide an entire car behind it, at an intersection, and if the speeds are right can hide the car all the way until it's right in front of you."