They may look equal but they’re far from it in reality.
They may look equal but they’re far from it in reality.

Date with no destiny

I GUESS acknowledging the community's upstanding citizens at an event a couple of days prior to Australia Day is something, but that's generally down to convenience rather than a social statement about the date.

To boycott that would require disobeying the Federal Government's orders and require moving the whole patriotic celebratory part, the flag-raising, the speeches about how great this country is, the parties and the citizenship ceremonies. They all still happen on the 26th or Invasion Day as First Nations people call it.

And that latter sentiment isn't going away any January soon because if you look up the word resilience - Australia's Aborigines should be listed first.

It doesn't go unnoticed you will often see a few Elders and indigenous nominees join in celebrations, because god knows they've had to go along with our ways ever since we arrived, but it doesn't mean the association of that date doesn't still hurt or make them feel uncomfortable.

The fact is the 26th was chosen by white men in charge because it represented the arrival of themselves to a country deemed 'uninhabited' and we decided it was appropriate to celebrate our national day off the back of that.

This kind of sentiment has no future here.

The day has got to go, to be reclaimed and transformed under direction of the people who were here first and have so much to offer this confused country.

The people who spent tens of thousands of years making this place their home, had it stolen from under them and their ancient culture walked all over.

That's what our great nation was built on. To go on celebrating and pretending otherwise, we're just kidding ourselves.