Dayne Beams in action against Carlton.
Dayne Beams in action against Carlton.

Beams shines light on Lions future

BRISBANE star Dayne Beams has opened up on the pull of Victoria, saying "at this stage" he will remain with the Lions for his whole career.

In an emotional interview, Beams revealed he had been in tears after the club's win over Carlton, still grieving the death of his father to cancer earlier this year.

The former Pies star was traded to Brisbane for picks No.5, 25 and Jack Crisp and has consistently been one of their best performers.

On Saturday he was at his brilliant best despite his wife spending much of the week in hospital with an infection.

The Lions have repeatedly scotched rumours the 28-year-old will ask for a trade at the end of the season.

The Queenslander said with wife Kelly a Victorian, they would one day return to Melbourne.

Asked pointedly if he would be playing out his career at the Lions, he said: "At this stage, yeah".

Dayne Beams is tackled by Darcy Lang.
Dayne Beams is tackled by Darcy Lang.

Beams has worked with a counsellor to process the grief over his father's passing, lauded for his openness as he stepped down from the captaincy.

He said his first thought on winning two straight games was to debrief with his father, who travelled to and from home games with him.

"I have always said I will live back in Victoria post my career," he said as he explained the continued rumblings.

"I think people tried to draw a line between me handing over the captaincy. I don't know where the reports are coming from.

"My wife is from Victoria, I see Victoria as home, Queensland to be honest is not home for me.

Dayne Beams celebrates a goal with Charlie Cameron.
Dayne Beams celebrates a goal with Charlie Cameron.

"I have always made it clear at the end of my career I will end up back in Victoria."

Beams explained his tears after the win over Carlton, saying the connection between his father and his love of football was deep.

"I was doing recovery and I started crying and thinking about things," he said.

"Where I kicked that goal was right in front of where dad used to sit, you think it was nice to kick a goal but it would have been nice for him to be there.

"Since I came to Queensland my dad never missed a game, he would always come to my house before the game and drive in the car with me.

"It was weird, we had won two games in a row and all I wanted to do was talk to dad about footy.

"Usually he would meet me after the game, he would be in the pub and we would debrief games in the car on the way home.

"Now I have a young son I will continue to have that relationship with like I did with my own dad."