Deaths, complaints rock hospital

A CHILD dropped on its head by a doctor at the Rockhampton Hospital was one source of 189 complaints made in a 16-month period, from January 2011.

The complaints were outlined last night in a Seven News report which put the hospital's patient reputation under the microscope.

The report looked at figures and examples of complaints made about the hospital in the 16-month period released in documents obtained under Right to Information laws.

The documents showed allegations of staff overdosing patients, doctors injuring the sick, nurses verbally abusing patients, and in the worst cases, death.

Another complaint claimed a patient fell from a bed and died as the "guard rail bed (was) not in the up position".

The complaint about the children said a doctor dropped the child from a bed onto its head during an examination.

Another detailed how an infant overdosed when given an adult dose of morphine, but it was not made clear how the child fared.

The hospital responded by saying the information needs to be looked at in context.

Over that period the hospital treated more than 250,000 patients and only one in every 1000 complained.

The news crew reported other complaints shown in the documents included lazy behaviour by staff, too much gossip and verbal abuse from nurses, sexual assault, patients left in "urine soaked" clothes and "vomit bags" left in rooms.