Rachael Leahcar
Rachael Leahcar Contributed - Channel 9

Debut album still hot on the charts

SIX weeks as of Monday July 30 after The Voice grand final and Rachael Leahcar's debut album is still one of the most popular in Australia.

Debuting at No 5 and currently sitting at No 11 on the ARIA albums chart, Shooting Star is the third most popular Voice album behind runner-up Darren Percival and winner Karise Eden.

Nearly two months have passed since her meteoric rise to fame on the first series of the Channel 9 singing competition, but reality is still setting in for the 18-year-old.

"I always dreamed of it but I never thought it would actually happen," she said.

"Just to walk past the CD shelf and see myself…it's so surreal.

"It's just nice to know people are following what you're doing and to know you have that sort of support."

If Leahcar had not found success on the show, then she would most likely be studying speech pathology at university and writing songs on the side.

"This was my last chance to make a career out of it," she said.

"I wanted to see how far I would get.

"As long as this lasts I'll be holding on to it with both hands."

Leahcar still keeps in touch with her Voice coach and idol Delta Goodrem, who inspired the album's title track.

"I told her I got signed and she used a lot of exclamation marks in her reply," Leahcar said.

"When I was feeling a bit down I posted a tweet and she said 'you should write a song about that', and I did. She is still mentoring me."

The Adelaide teen said fans at her meet and greets have responded most strongly to the album's title track.

"That makes me happy because it's the song I wrote on the album," she said.

"It makes me confident to write more and get my music out there."

But Leahcar's favourite song to perform is Charlie Chaplin's Smile, which she sang for the show's second to last episode.

"That's been with me through some tough times," she said.

"It has a really great message. I can always find my heart in that song."

Shooting Star is available in stores and on iTunes now.