Desperate bid to save teen found with knife in his back

"HIS condition was rapidly deteriorating ... I proceeded to remove the knife from his back."

The first people to find Adam Abu-Mahmoud with a kitchen knife embedded in his back have detailed attempts to save the teenager who lost his life in a vicious Sydney street brawl.

Joshua Dillon, 22, listened intently from the dock in his Supreme Court murder trial on Tuesday where he has previously pleaded not guilty.

Witness Danial Patrick Gallagher recounted a disturbance at a Panania roundabout in July 2016.

Adam Abu-Mahmoud was stabbed to death in a street brawl.
Adam Abu-Mahmoud was stabbed to death in a street brawl.

A white Hilux ute pulled up on his right hand side, almost mounting the kerb and people began bustling around the passenger door.

"I thought someone was having a heart attack," Mr Gallagher said.

The first-aid trained bystander approached and offered to help when a man told him his brother had been stabbed.

"I immediately saw quite a large handle on the lower part of (the young man's) back," Mr Gallagher told the court on Tuesday.

The 18-year-old's brother, Abdul, wanted to pull the knife out but Mr Gallagher advised him to put pressure on the teen's other stab wounds until paramedics arrived, he told the court.

Earlier that day Abu-Mahmoud had been part of a group of young men that clashed with a second group, including Dillon, outside a nearby corner store, the court previously heard.

Dillon allegedly told Abu-Mahmoud "next time I see you, I'm going to shank you, dog" before he and his friend James Rivera left the scene.

Police look for evidence after the stabbing.
Police look for evidence after the stabbing.

Later, the Abu-Mahmoud brothers and a friend allegedly drove to Dillon's house where a second fight broke out on the front lawn.

The court was previously told Rivera, 18, wrestled Abu-Mahmoud and placed him in a headlock as Dillon emerged from the house carrying a knife.

Dillon allegedly stabbed Abu-Mahmoud four times in the back before the teenager fled "with the knife still protruding".

The court previously heard Dillon, through his lawyers, would not dispute he stabbed Mr Abu-Mahmoud but argue he acted in self defence.

They allege the Abu-Mahmoud group were armed when they arrived with hammers and knives at the Dillon home.

Friends of Adam Abu-Mahmoud console each other.
Friends of Adam Abu-Mahmoud console each other.

One of the first two paramedics dispatched to Abu-Mahmoud's aid, Christopher Angus, told the court how he and his colleague tried to get control of the situation on Marco Ave.

Family and friends of Abu-Mahmoud were yelling and screaming at the scene when the paramedics loaded the teenager into the ambulance.

Mr Angus noted the blade was so deep in the young man's back he could only see the handle.

His patient was becoming combative as his condition deteriorated, he said.

The paramedics stopped on the road a few moments later to hand Abu-Mahmoud over to a specialist ambulance unit staffed by an intensive care paramedic and emergency doctor Rory Walsh.

Dr Walsh told the court the teenager was in mild shock when he made his first assessment.

"He told me his name was Adam, these were only coherent words he spoke," Dr Walsh told the court via audiovisual link on Tuesday.

The doctor noticed Abu-Mahmoud's heart rate go from very fast to very slow and Dr Walsh feared he would go into cardiac arrest.

Detectives gathered over the stabbing of Adam Abu-Mahmoud.
Detectives gathered over the stabbing of Adam Abu-Mahmoud.

Reading from an earlier statement to authorities, Dr Walsh told the court he wanted to lay the teenager on his back to be better placed to continue working on Abu-Mahmoud.

But first he needed to get the blade out.

"I proceeded to remove the knife from his back and placed it on the floor of the ambulance," he told the court.

Dr Walsh said he moved Abu-Mahmoud's stretcher onto the roadside to continue working but he went into cardiac arrest minutes later.

Abu-Mahmoud was rushed to Liverpool hospital but "declared life extinct" less than an hour after the first help arrived at his side.

Two of Dillon's friends called out his name as he was lead down to the cells on Tuesday.

"Love you," the friend called out across the courtroom.

The trial continues.



Joshua Dillion: Charged with murder.
Joshua Dillion: Charged with murder.