Did you know new PM Malcolm Turnbull has a blog about dogs?

AUSTRALIA'S new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has worked as a journalist, lawyer, investment banker and attended the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar.

But a not so well known fact about the 60-year-old, who yesterday became the fourth Prime Minister across the ditch in two years when he overthrew Tony Abbott , is that he has a blog about dogs.

The blog's most recent post, from April 23, is guest-penned by Dusty the Kelpie - from the brown dog's point of view.

"The problem with humans is that they have terrible trouble communicating with each other," Dusty writes.

"Not only are they limited in the frequencies they can hear, they often live far away from each other and growl about not being able to send big files, like footage of my friend Kelp and I rounding up cattle."

One of the blog's commenters was moved to respond: "If only humans were more like dogs," though another reader wrote: "I for one am very concerned about the consequences of allowing dogs on the internet."

In a more philosophical post, penned in 2013 by Jojo The Dog, the loss of her sister Mellie is lamented.

"I miss my crazy one eyed, three legged sister."

Some of the posts appear to be politically fuelled, like this one from Jojo:

"The election is approaching or is it? Kevin Rudd (who is a cat lover - I say no more) is keeping everyone guessing. Whenever it comes we are ready. We have our "Dogs 4 Turnbull" dog coats ready to wear and unless he runs down the clock to November it will still be cool enough to wear them."

But the blog is not only penned by dogs, with Turnbull sharing his own tribute to Mellie in June 2013.

"Dear little Mellie, you were such a brave, fond and loyal friend. All your pack will miss you and never be quite the same without you."

- NZ Herald