Dingo fence fast tracked

THE terrifying dingo attack on a sleeping tourist at Fraser Island at the weekend will fast track construction of a fence at K'Gari campgrounds, north of Happy Valley, as a recent spate of incidents suggests dingoes and humans may be too close for comfort.

At least two or more dingoes bit the man, 23, as he lay on a track after stumbling away from a tour group about 2am on Saturday.

Department of National Parks regional manager Ross Belcher said rangers were aware there was a problem with aggressive dingoes in the area.

Despite initial protests, the camp owners agreed earlier this year to erect a fence.

"There's been ... two or three other incidents in that area earlier this year," Mr Belcher said.

"The operators were of the belief that people wanted to see dingoes, and if they did not the campground might not be as attractive.

"But they have indicated to us that they do want a fence for visitor safety."

Surveying and approvals are already under way, and Mr Belcher said construction would be fast tracked in the wake of the weekend's attack. While a fence will protect people and dingoes, Mr Belcher said the real danger lay in human behaviour.

"The problem is people not behaving the right way with dingoes - leaving food out because they are lazy or not thinking," he said.

"Really, the only people I blame are those who deliberately or inadvertently fed dingoes. They've put someone else's life at risk, and the dingoes' lives at risk."

The German tourist injured in the attack is understood to have received a safety briefing from his tour operator about dingo behaviour. He was recovering in Hervey Bay hospital yesterday.