Arthur Gorrie
Arthur Gorrie Craig Warhurst

Direct voting? An Upper House for Queensland? Power to the People? Yes! Yes! Yes!

NO WONDER people find me irritating - I want to vote more often.

I want to vote for an Upper House in Queensland and I want what everyone seems to not want on same sex marriage. I want to take it out of the hands of manipulative politicians.

I want a permanent Upper House to hold inquiries and review corruption because, as Independent MP Rob Pyne points out, all our existing methods of controlling corruption have become dysfunctional under political parties that seem to like it that way.

All the reforms introduced at such cost after the Fitzgerald inquiry a generation ago have now been wound back to virtual non-existence by subsequent governments of both major parties. An Upper House would not suffer from that.

I don't just want a plebiscite on same sex marriage either. I want a citizens initiated referendum, as in Switzerland, California and lots of other places where the world has not come to an end, despite the objections of major political parties.

Many issues, including same sex marriage, would have been sorted out years ago by citizens petitioning for a direct vote.

The major parties hate it, the bureaucrats hate it.

It must be a good idea.