More horrifying details arose from Gympie court this week about the final moments of Bruce Saunders (pictured).
More horrifying details arose from Gympie court this week about the final moments of Bruce Saunders (pictured). Frances Klein

Disturbing new details emerge in woodchipper murder case

TWO of the three Goomboorian woodchipper murder accused have appeared in court again as gruesome new details of the case emerge ahead of a committal hearing.

Gregory Lee Roser, 60, and Peter John Koenig, 62, sat next to each other in the Gympie Magistrates Court dock this week while their solicitors made applications to call witnesses for cross-examination at the three-day hearing later this year.

According to his lawyer's submissions, Mr Roser was "physically trying to pull the body back” by the legs while his co-accused stopped the machine during the fateful November 2017 incident which killed Nambour man Bruce Saunders (pictured above).

wood chipper death Sharon with mo  AKA Gregory Roser
Gregory Roser, Sharon Graham.

Mr Roser's lawyer said his client was on record as having allegedly "met resistance” when trying to pull the body out of the machine while one of the witnesses, reportedly experienced with operating woodchippers, stated there would have been "minimal effort required” to remove it based on photographs supplied to him for examination.

Those accounts will be addressed at the committal hearing to help gauge the credibility of statements by defendants and witnesses.

Magistrate Chris Callaghan allowed a number of witnesses to be examined at the hearing on written statements they provided on the death and the events leading up to and following the incident.

Peter Koenig
Peter Koenig. Contributed

Mr Callaghan said the cross-examinations would help "facilitate a fair trial” and allow the defendants to learn the case against them, among other factors.

Witnesses will be questioned on a number of subjects, such as Mr Roser's alleged relationship with the pair's co-accused Sharon Graham.

Questions will also be raised about various alleged discussions involving both men after the death of Mr Saunders.

Mr Callaghan said the prosecution would allege the defendants together arranged for Mr Saunders to be struck across the head before being fed through the woodchipper and the defence would argue his death was an accident caused by misadventure, resulting in his being caught or dragged into the machine.

Another of the witnesses to be called allegedly made statements about a woodchipper safety briefing they conducted with Mr Saunders on another machine.

Mr Roser, Mr Koenig and Ms Graham have all been charged with murder and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Mr Callaghan adjourned the case to October 30 for Day 1 of the committal in Gympie. The following two days will be in Maroochydore.

Both men were remanded in custody.