Darcy Taylor pictured during the
Darcy Taylor pictured during the "Batch Up" on Recipe to Riches. Channel 10

Diver Darcy's Choc Bombs set to make a splash at supermarkets

DIVER and university student Darcy Taylor has a possible future career in the kitchen.

The young athlete, who has represented Australia overseas, won last night's innovation-themed episode of Channel 10's reality food marketing show Recipe to Riches.

The show's judging panel was won over by Taylor's energy-packed Choc Bombs, a protein-enriched ball rolled in coconut.

"I'm really excited that Australia will get to try my Choc Bombs," Taylor told APN.

The 20-year-old's home recipe hits Woolworths stores across the country today.

Whichever weekly finalist sells the most product will win the show's $100,000 grand prize and earn a permanent spot on supermarket shelves.

Taylor developed his love for cooking during the year he moved away from home to train at the Australian Institute of Sport in Brisbane.

"I started to cook a lot more for myself than in previous years and I started toying with the recipe," he said.

"I got to experience, independence, learned to cook for myself, clean, pay bills. I think I really matured.  Mum sure appreciated it when I was helping out in the kitchen a lot more."

While he has put competition in the pool on hold to study commerce and real estate at Deakin University, Taylor is still part of the diving community.

He enlisted the help of his mate, Olympian Matthew Mitcham, during last night's show to collect public feedback on his healthy treats.

"He's a really good friend of mine," he said.

"In the diving world I've competed with him and against him and he was happy enough to come along. He adds a bit of excitement to the show; he's a really bubbly character and he helped to spread the message (to the public)."