Do you want to die this way? Don't be a moron

THE rain fell so heavily on Sunday afternoon one local fellow proclaimed he had "never seen anything like it”.

It was heavy and prolonged and caused some mayhem on the roads with flash flooding and run-off.

Quick to go underwater was the Tin Can Bay Road at Goomboorian, where horrified motorists waiting out the flash flooding reported seeing cars still driving through the water.

After the tragic events at Mary's Creek during our last heavy rain, where a man lost his life while attempting to get a vehicle across a flooded creek, it was hard to believe people were still barely hesitating before taking the risk.

If it's flooded forget it. We hear it so many times from frustrated emergency workers and television advertisements that maybe it's become lost in translation - white noise to some.

Darwin might have something to say here about letting the chips fall where they may, but perhaps it's time to juice up the message so the words penetrate the obviously thick skulls driving around out there.

Something a little less gentle, like "Do you really want to die this way? Don't be a moron,” accompanied by a photo of a car as it slips under the raging torrent, a desperate face pressed up against the window.