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Doctor on bail for sex charges denied trip to see dying dad

A ROCKHAMPTON doctor facing six sexual assault charges has had part of an application to vary his bail conditions refused.

The man wanted to fly overseas to see his dying father who lives in India.

Bail was originally set in November and included reporting three times a week to police, having to live at a particular address and being unable to leave the country by way of surrendering his passport.

Barrister Ross Lo Monaco told the court his client's 85-year-old father had suffered a stroke and it was unknown how much longer he would live.

"He has now been on bail for six months...and complied with all reporting conditions," he said.

Mr Lo Monaco outlined what his client could offer to provide confidence he would return to Australia to face the six charges. The offer included up to $30,000 bail bond, a set timeframe for travel of up to a month and surrendering his passport again when he returned to Australia.

The court heard the man has one child in private school in Rockhampton and that he had not been able to practice medicine since the charges were laid.

He also changed his place of residency, which the court heard he had now rented out and his family had moved into a smaller, cheaper rental property.

Police prosecutor Clancy Fox objected to removing the overseas travel restriction.

He said there were concerns the doctor would not return to Australia due to financial stress and his strong connections to India where he grew up and studied medicine.

Magistrate Catherine Benson agreed with police that the risk could not be managed adequately.

She approved the variations to his reporting and residential conditions but dismissed the overseas travel application.