Peter Davison played the fifth Doctor Who.
Peter Davison played the fifth Doctor Who. Contributed

Doctor Who drops into Brisbane to host orchestra tribute

THE legendary fifth Doctor Who Peter Davison will head to Brisbane on February 8 for the Queensland premiere of the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

Davison will host the show, which will also feature specially-filmed links from fourth Doctor Tom Baker, who recently had a cameo role in the acclaimed 50th Anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor.

Davison, who played the Doctor between 1981-1984 said he was looking forward to coming to Queensland as part of the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular tour, as well as coming face to face with any daleks or cybermen who may turn up along the way.

"I'm hosting the show, introducing it, introducing various bits," he told Brisbane Times.

"So I'll be popping on a bit like the man does when they host the Oscars, cracking the odd joke or two, and introducing the next bit.

"I'm excited about it because I love the idea of getting people into a big stadium to hear a full orchestra playing music - there's something very special about that."

Also taking to the stage at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre will be renowned conductor Ben Foster.

Foster has orchestrated and conducted Murray Gold's music for Doctor Who since 2005, comprising 83 episodes to date, as well as concerts at the BBC Proms, Doctor Who Live and previous performances of the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular.

A musical celebration of the iconic BBC series, the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular features Gold's captivating music, accompanied by specially edited sequences of Matt Smith's performance as the 11th Doctor on the big screen.

A host of monsters including the spine-chilling Silence and the awe-inspiring Daleks and Cybermen will add to the atmosphere.

Inspired by the Doctor Who Proms at the Royal Albert Hall, the 2014 show will feature all-new content - including the latest music from the 50th anniversary episode and forthcoming Christmas episode The Time of the Doctor, Matt Smith's final performance as The Doctor.

It will also feature a look back at some of the previous Doctors, some of the music from the past five decades, and performances of some audience favourites from the 2012 show.

The Brisbane concert will begin at 7.30pm at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. Ticket prices start at $76.80 and can be purchased from