Daryl Dodt
Daryl Dodt

Dodt reflects on first council experience

I WOULD like to thank everyone who came along to the first meeting of the new council.

It was very gratifying that there was such a level of interest in our declarations of office and the nomination and election of our new deputy Cr Bob Leitch.

I congratulate Arthur Gorrie for recognising the change in council and for acknowledging the intelligence and previous outside experience of the six new councillors through the spirit of his coverage of this meeting.

I would like to expand with my personal reflection of the meeting and on the process of accepting the amendments to standing orders relating to general business.

Three amendments were recommended in the agenda to be accepted as worded.

The three amendments were each modified and rewritten during the meeting due to reactions from both old and new councillors.

There was active debate, then modification of each amendment through consideration and consensus, and finally unanimous support for the modified amendments.

This small win of a more democratic and informed process for our meetings was an enormous victory for the cohesive functioning of our new council.

I believe this is how an experienced and productive council should operate.

The mature, intelligent and diligent way that all councillors dealt with their concerns is worthy of high praise, as is the process which allowed for modification of the proposed amendments.

I sincerely thank The Gympie Times and Arthur for their reporting of this fresh paradigm.

I have observed that, in my personal opinion, we the six new councillors are courageous and forthright enough to deal with the fact that we are new.


It will be a steep learning curve, but each and all of us are up to the challenge.

We six may be new to council, but none of us are wet behind the ears.

I must admit that I have no past, and I believe no current experience of working within a dysfunctional council.

This experience I hope I never acquire.

I am proud to be a member of the team of nine, whom I believe, both individually and collectively, are actively striving toward a brighter future for our community and our great Gympie region.

Dr Daryl Dodt,

Gympie Regional Councillor Division 4