A declared dangerous dog escaped and entered a neighbours’ house to attack two Shih tzus
A declared dangerous dog escaped and entered a neighbours’ house to attack two Shih tzus

Dog attack victims ‘held hostage’ in their home

A BRIBIE Island man says he and his wife are being "held hostage" in their own home after a neighbour's declared-dangerous dog escaped its enclosure.

Moreton Bay Regional Council confirmed the dog entered Greg Saunders' house at Banksia Beach through the garage door at 11am Saturday.

A second dog was also involved, but did not enter the home.

Mr Saunders claims he was forced to protect his two Shih tzus, one of which had been attacked previously by the same dog, costing him $2000 in veterinary bills.

"I heard a hell of a kerfuffle outside and then it was full on going against our security door trying to bite through," Mr Saunders said.

"It quickly wheeled about, doubled back, and then physically gained entry into our home via our open double garage.

"With its teeth exposed and growling at me inside our home.

"I was the only prevention between it, my wife and again our dogs."

Mr Saunders said the dog eventually retreated, but he fears it will attack again.

"(We) are now all but being held hostage by this dog," he said.

"We personally will no longer feel safe to walk our dogs or even have them in our own front yard for fear of them yet again being attacked.

"If I had not been able to intervene my disabled wife may well have been seriously injured and or one or both of our dogs would be dead."

A council spokesman said it was investigating the incident and penalties of up to $1000 apply for failure to comply with the conditions imposed on keeping declared dangerous dogs.

"Both offending dogs were restrained, including the dangerous dog in its purpose-built enclosure, on their home property by the time rangers arrived shortly after," he said.

"Initial investigations indicate the offending dogs were unintentionally released from their enclosures on their home property.

"Regardless a declared dangerous dog wandering is of grave concern to Moreton Bay Regional Council," the spokesman said.

It comes after Mayor Allan Sutherland urged pet owners to ensure their properties were secure after two separate incidents involving dogs that jumped fences to kill neighbouring animals.

"These incidents were entirely preventable," he said.

"If you own a dog, you are required by both the Animal Management Act and Local Law to ensure it is appropriately contained on your property.

"That means having secure fencing which the dog can't jump over or scramble under. You are also required to provide safe access from the street to your front door."

Last month an elderly man was also attacked by three large dogs in Burpengary while doorknocking to raise funds for cancer research last month.

Moreton Bay Regional Council received 700 dog attack reports from residents in 2018. So far there has been a small drop this year with 305 incidents.