Domestic violence perpetrators could be kicked out of home

COURTS will consider ejecting domestic violence perpetrators from their homes under changes to Queensland laws.

Changes to the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act that passed the Queensland parliament on Thursday, make it mandatory for magistrates to consider "ouster conditions" to let victims remain in their homes and kick out perpetrators.

Minister for Women and Communities Shannon Fentiman said victims often wanted to remain close to support networks.

"Why should victims of abuse always have to leave their own home because they are subject to abuse? If it is safe to do so and they wish to stay, then we want to see that happen more often," she said.

"Ouster conditions are not applied for, or made, often enough, with only about 28% of cases in the last three years including them."

"It will be essential that ouster conditions are granted as part of an integrated response, with support for the victim from police, counselling and legal support, along with risk assessment and appropriate security upgrades."

The changes make it mandatory for magistrates to consider an ouster condition, but allow them discretion to consider whether it is appropriate.