Domestic violence: the messages are insidious.
Domestic violence: the messages are insidious. Christopher Chan

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: She won’t be right mate

LETTER: IN DECEMBER 2015, in order to marshal my thoughts about the number of women that were dying and violence against women in general, I found myself acknowledging Rosie Batty and the sterling job she had done as 2015 Australian of the Year.

In my collective thoughts I wondered if she was feeling as if all the responsibility for violence against women had been placed on her shoulders.

She looked so tired and careworn but what a hero for us all she is.

How many other citizens, men or women want to add their voices to contribute to an end to violence against women?

In my earlier musings I also stated that if the violent behavior towards women in particular didn’t abate things would change drastically in our society.

I imagined women changing from the gentle nurturing beings they generally are to possible warriors in terms of learning how to defend themselves.

Here in May 2016 the records are showing that the number of women in particular taking up shooting as a skill has increased greatly. They are also learning martial arts.

More women a week are dying than six months ago – two to three a week.

Where is the groundswell of outrage and anger?

Women, it doesn’t take an advertisement on television of two footballers to bring the state of affairs to light and to the forefront of our concern.

Why aren’t any of you speaking up?

Are you going to wait until we live in total fear?

Or is it that you are under the illusion that males are our protectors?

The issue at hand is that many of them have become our predators and we can never be sure which is which.

This letter is to ask both Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten what, specifically they are going to do to curb, long liquor hours, violent video games and films being so prevalent in our society?

My question is not a whinge or just a letter .

I am asking to hear what both leaders intend to actually do in relation to these issues.

If you really are leaders you won’t placate me with platitudes.

Show your true intent.

This problem won’t go away on its own. It has not lessened, it has increased.

Ice is epidemic, so is alcohol, so is technology and its intrusive influence on each of our lives.

I add my voice to Rosie Batty’s and I keep this violence in our society visible.

I taped a film late at night recently because I knew Stephen Seagal was the main actor and his messages have a positive ending

This story, A Good Man, was made in 2014 and subsequently had much violent content.

I don’t usually watch such films but I am making a point of facing what is out there for our men and boys mainly, to watch.

It is only by facing the violence that is sold and marketed to the populace that we will understand why women are regarded as dispensable and helpless and usable, and gratuitous.

I encourage women in particular to view this movie as an example and think about the effect of it.

I found myself crying at one point so I was encouraged to leave the room .

The action gets men in and then the violence rides on its coattails.

I didn’t leave because then I would forget to maintain the rage that this rubbish l continues to be

peddled to us as acceptable.

Front up and be pro-active in stopping this violence against women.

I repeat:

Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten what specifically are you intending to do about:

1. Long hours for the sale of liquor

2. Violent video and phone games availability

3. Violent films where women are portrayed as dispensable

4. Ratings on what is casually referred to as entertainment.

Late viewing of a violent film doesn’t stop the effect on watchers.

It probably makes it worse because a sense of unreality ensues in the late/early hours and adds to

the idea of it all being normal.

We can work towards regional respect and a whole lot of other important things but if violence

continues unabated and keeps increasing, women will change.

They already have, they are learning how to defend themselves.

Soon, how they regard the male of the species will change in many more ways until the sweeter

aspects of relationships between the sexes will be lost forever, because trust will be gone.

It’s so sad because, “She won’t be right mate.”

“For evil to flourish all it takes is for good men and women to do nothing.”

Sue Humphris,