Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton winning key NY battle

Donald Trump looks set for a big night in New York after he was projected to have won his home state.

Just minutes after polls closed in the state at 9pm, CNN projected Mr Trump as the winner.

The same network suggested a closer battle between the Democrats, with exit polls suggesting a 52-48 lead for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

Mr Trump had gone into voting day with polls suggesting he had a 30 point advantage over his rivals John Kasich and Ted Cruz.

In the Democratic race, Ms Clinton's lead over Bernie Sanders was anywhere up to 13 points.

After several weeks of stumbling performances and defeats in states such as Colorado and Wyoming, the New York tycoon was looking to regain his momentum.

He is looking to secure the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination before the party's convention in Cleveland in July.

Many observers believe neither Mr Trump or Mr Cruz will manage to win a clean majority ahead of the event, opening the way for a so-called "contested convention".

Mr Sanders was on Tuesday evening campaigning in Pennsylvannia, which votes next week and which has 189 delegates.

"We're going to do just fine in New York," he told supporters. "And the reason we're going to do just fine is because we are doing something very unique in American politics, which is to tell the truth."

The New York primary, which offered 247 Democratic delegates and 95 delegates, did not play out without controversy; anywhere up to 120,000 people in the New York city borough of Brooklyn said they were unable to vote.

Comptroller Scott Stringer said he would be carrying out an investigation into what had happened.