Don't get stuck in a time warp in your home.
Don't get stuck in a time warp in your home. petrzurek

Don't be afraid of change in your interiors

HAVE you ever noticed how some people's style gets stuck in a certain era?

I recall an interior decorator friend of mine describing a mutual friend's home as being in the same style as it was decades ago. It was not meant as a compliment and I made a note to myself to never be accused of the same.

I remain open to embracing change, to ensure I never get stuck in a definable style of interiors.

When it comes to creating a home I believe we naturally upgrade our interiors as we age. Most of us started independent life as students with mattresses on the floor and a milk crate for a side table.

In my case, the majority of my furnishings in my early years were either gifted or purchased at garage sales or charity shops. While I still enjoy finding treasures at op-shop prices, my taste has matured but I also avoid following any look to the extreme.

There is nothing more dating than being stuck in an era. I've noted in some of my older friends and relatives' homes after a certain point, little changes in the style of their home, even if they move. For instance, the Tuscan look to me screams early 1980s. Then there's the cold minimalism with hard edges that emits a 1990s vibe - and not in a good way.

I have learnt to embrace only elements I truly love when it comes to any trend. This ensures you don't buy into a single style of interiors completely. Looking around my home, there are pieces of vintage and contemporary that I love from across the years. But, more important, I'm not afraid of replacing any of these pieces with better quality as the years go on. One of the gifts of maturing is you gain a more refined eye and become more confident in creating your own style.