Warren Truss.

Solar rebate could be axed: Truss

“WE HAVE seen the damage that Labor did to the home insulation scheme by suddenly cancelling that subsidy – businesses failed, people lost their jobs and homes were damaged,” Member for Wide Bay Warren Truss said yesterday.

“In the same way, Labor could do irreparable damage to the solar industry if it fails to manage its solar panel incentive schemes.

“The government has been foolish to create a big rush to solar panels and then turn around and threaten to decimate the industry because their scheme had blown its budget and was adding significantly to the rising cost of electricity for other consumers.

“The heightened demand for panels, before the solar credit multiplier reduces, is creating problems for consumers and the industry.

“Some consumers report having to pay higher than normal prices and could be left with sub-standard installations in the rush to get the panels in before the multiplier reduces, and people employed in the industry could be left without jobs once it does, after July 1.

“More than anything, consumers and the solar industry need certainty about the future and the government must provide it.”