A crew member on Rainbow Escape Charter with a quality estuary cod.
A crew member on Rainbow Escape Charter with a quality estuary cod. Contributed

Don't feel gill-ty to sink a line this weekend

GOTCHA: IF YOU'RE going offshore, be prepared to stay in sheltered waters for the next couple of days or more as winds and conditions will be rough for today (Friday) with southeasterly 20 to 25 knots and seas 1.5 to 2 metres.

Tomorrow wind conditions will ease back slightly with winds southeasterly 15 to 20 knots with seas still up there at 1.5 to 2 metres.

When conditions improve maybe next week the way things are going with the blocking weather pattern you will need to be ready to go and try local reefs like, North Reef for snapper, coral trout, Moses perch, tusk fish, sea bream, trag jew and quality pearl perch.

Double Island Point has had had good cobia, pearl perch, Maori cod, tusk fish, Moses perch, gold-band snapper, squire, gold-spot cod and mulloway.

Sunshine Reef there's pearl perch, red emperor, tusk fish and small snapper. Also amberjacks, sweetlip parrot and snapper from Murphy's Reef. Moses perch, tusk fish, snapper to 60cm and a 4kg spangled emperor, pearl perch, mulloway and big teraglin jewfish taken from the middle of the Barwon Banks. Big red emperor, cod, coral trout, pearl perch, hussar and tusk fish 20nm east of Wide Bay bar.

Out from Hervey Bay there are big mac tuna around Roonies Point, along with threadfin salmon, a few grunter bream, flathead and whiting throughout the Straits. The queenfish, trevally and bigger grunter bream are feeding around the rocky outcrops.

There have been some good quality whiting feeding along the beaches between Urangan and Burrum Heads. It is worth fishing for trevally and a for a few mackerel off the Urangan Pier, and recently there have been catches jew and tuna and sharks.

School mackerel are still throughout the central bay and up along Fraser Island, with the Burrum 8 mile fairway beacon, Six-Mile an Red Neds producing quality fish. Spanish mackerel, mac tuna and long tail tuna are feeding throughout Platypus Bay. Blackall, cod, giant trevally and trout have also been caught throughout the Bay.

Remember not to target the barramundi, as the Barramundi East Coast closed season is in force, through to February 1,2018. (Also note: It is also prohibited to deliberately target barramundi for catch and release during these closed seasons, as the stress of capture may prevent a fish from spawning.)

Estuaries, dams and beaches

Fraser Island: There's been reasonable tailor still around Poyungan Rocks, Indian Heads and the Maheno and with plenty of dart in the gutters. The tailor will keep feeding this month and for that matter you can often catch small numbers (ones and twos) of big solid tailor right through the year, so now that the seasonal restricted area around Indian Heads to Waddy Point is over, it will be worth targeting these areas for a few good tailor. There have been quality dart, whiting, trevally, bream along the eastern beaches gutters and around the headlands.


Dean Tomlinson caught a good eating dusky flathead in the lower Maroochy River.
Dean Tomlinson caught a good-eating dusky flathead in the lower Maroochy River. Contributed

Hervey Bay: The season for mangrove jack is starting off with a bang as the jack are now defending their territories with a fight as well as good flathead in the creeks along the western side of Fraser Island and the estuaries feeding into the Great Sandy Straits. Plenty of jacks and a few thread fin salmon in the Burrum River. Grunter and flathead from Beaver Rock.

Flathead and cod from river heads. Plenty of mud crabs on the move in most of the creeks and rivers including those on the western side of Fraser. Threadfin salmon and grunter in the lower Mary River. Summer whiting along the beaches between Burrum Heads and Urangan. Cod and coral trout off Point Vernon.

Rainbow Beach: Still the odd big tailor, kingfish, mackerel, bream and snapper off the rocks at Double Island Point. Spotty mackerel and long tail tuna from the barge crossing channel. Tailor, bream, flathead and dart along the beaches and Inskip Point. Tailor from Middle Rock. Flathead, dart and the odd tailor between rainbow and Double Island Point. A few flathead and bream from Carlow Point. Mangrove jack, flathead and estuary cod in Kauri Creek

Local dams and rivers

IT IS the closed season for wild barra, but in the lakes and impoundments the action will be on fire. November is often the best month of the year to chase fish in the stocked impoundments as they cannot breed behind the dam walls so they are able to be fished for with a fishing permit. Try the full moon phases for the best results, particularly for the bigger fish.

Remember fishing in the dams will require a Stocked Impoundment Permit Scheme (SIPS) Permit. Borumba Dam has a good bass and saratoga in the shallows and timbered areas around the dam. Quality bass and yellow belly from the narrows and the Boyne arm of Boondooma Dam. The Tiaro stretch of the upper Mary River has been producing good bass numbers.

Lake McDonald still has a lot of bass in the main basin and in the bay near the botanical garden and along the weed edge.

Noosa: Cobia to 11kg off the national parks rocks. Try in the shelter of headlands for tailor, jew, bream and trevally. A few good quality flathead caught and released up to 80cm, around the lower river. A few dart and bream off the beaches.

With the water clearing up on the flood tide there are a few good quality flathead, whiting and trevally in the river mouth and in Woods Bay and from the Frying Pan. Flathead from Gympie Terrace, Weyba Creek and Munna Point. A few fighting mangrove jack are feeding throughout the system, so target all the snaggy and structured sites for best results. Mud crabs throughout the lower river, especially in the canals.

Rainbow Escape Charter Got a great bag of quality reefies last Sunday. One of the highlights going to 12 a year old crew member with a nice 10kg Red which he fought and landed on his own.
Rainbow Escape Charter Got a great bag of quality reefies last Sunday. One of the highlights going to 12 a year old crew member with a nice 10kg Red which he fought and landed on his own. Contributed

Maroochydore: A quality tailor taken at the Cod Hole and a 62cm flathead at Chambers Island. Whiting feeding throughout the lower river, particularly on the incoming tide. Flathead, grunter, golden trevally and bream in the Cod Hole. Few good quality mangrove jack showing up in the upper river around 48 and 54cm. Golden trevally from Twin Waters. Whiting around and the Jet Ski Run. Mud crabs are moving in the middle and lower river, creeks and canals.

Mooloolaba: Golden trevally, cod and bream off the rock walls and La Balsa stretch. Whiting from the flats above McKenzies Bridge and in Mountain Creek. Whiting and flathead from the sand basin. Mud crabs in the lower river and canals.

Caloundra: Flathead, golden trevally and bream from the boardwalk. Trevally, whiting and bream on the dirty water line on the making tide. Whiting from Golden Beach and the bar on the banks. Mud crabs are moving throughout the passage, the creeks creek and canals.

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