Former Liberal leader John Hewson has joined the anti-Adani doorknock this weekend.
Former Liberal leader John Hewson has joined the anti-Adani doorknock this weekend. DAVID MARIUZ

Door knockers heading your way today but are they welcome?

MORE than 1000 volunteers are taking part in a national doorknock this weekend in attempt to stop the Adani coal mine from being built in the Galilee Basin in Central Queensland.

Friends of the Earth Australia is targeting 60 locations including Rockhampton, Gladstone and Yeppoon in order to build community pressure on federal politicians.

Volunteers are doorknocking as far north as Mackay, to Prime Minister Scott Morrison's electorate in Cronulla in NSW and to Bill Shorten's electorate in Melbourne.

Former Liberal Leader and MP for Wentworth Dr John Hewson, joined the Bondi doorknock in the lead up to the Wentworth by-election and said climate change was the number one issue for the people of Wentworth but the Liberals had no plan to tackle the most critical issue of our time.

"In fact they are taking us backwards by supporting coal mines like Adani's," Mr Hewson said.

1000 anti-Adani volunteers are out doo rknocking this weekend across Australia.
1000 anti-Adani volunteers are out door knocking this weekend across Australia.

Australian music icon, Missy Higgins also took part.

"Adani look as though they're forging ahead with their Carmichael coal mine despite widespread opposition," she said.

"Like every parent I care about the future my children will face and climate change is my number one worry. We simply cannot let this mine go ahead.

"Burning that amount of coal is stupid and dangerous, and I cannot believe our government are being so short sighted.

The power of Australian people when they come together on an issue is massive so I think we have to step up and do everything we can to stop this madness."