Double amputee Allan Lambert, 86, was robbed while in his mobility scooter by a group of youths
. Picture: Glenn Campbell
Double amputee Allan Lambert, 86, was robbed while in his mobility scooter by a group of youths . Picture: Glenn Campbell

Double amputee, 86, robbed in broad daylight

DOUBLE amputee Allan Lambert, 86, was robbed in broad daylight while trying to cross Temple Tce.

Confined to a mobility scooter, the Gunn resident was at the mercy of the group of four to five people.

Mr Lambert was robbed between 12pm and 1pm on Monday.

Mr Lambert, who lost his second leg in April, thought someone was mucking around until a woman began yanking at the bag around his neck.

Parked at the pedestrian crossing at Temple Tce in front of Danila Dilba, he managed to swat a young woman's hand away but she persisted and managed to yank the bag from his neck.

He is now worried that other people may target him.

"It's an obvious target isn't it, a fella in a wheelchair with no legs, it's an easy target," he said.

The group also made off with his medical alert buzzer.

The buzzer means he can call for help, with a call going directly to his son, Rod Lambert, or to St John Ambulance.

"It (the robbery) was such a quick shock," Mr Lambert said. "I yelled out 'get the police'.

"They (the thieves) didn't say a word, just kept going."

After the theft one member of the group apparently felt guilty and returned Mr Lambert's buzzer to open the gates to the unit complex in which he lives.

He tried to chase them down but couldn't as a 4WD had parked over the access ramp across the road.

He said the group was probably unaware what the medical buzzer did and continued to press the button throughout the day - giving away their location to Mr Lambert's son.

They were tracked going to St Vinnies, Gray Shopping Centre and Oasis.

The next day Mr Lambert's neighbour found his bag thrown over their fence.

"When they returned the bag the front door keys were in the bag," he said.

But he fears the group may return.

Mr Lambert's son Rod said the robbery was a low act.

"He's such an easy target," he said.

"The kids of today have no respect.

"If they're reverting to that it's a pretty low life thing."

In a separate incident at Tennant Creek a 71-year-old man, returning to his home on Ambrose St about 8:30pm on Monday, disturbed two men in the process of stealing alcohol from his house.

One of the offenders left the home and the victim attempted to stop the second offender from fleeing.

That person punched the victim in the face, causing minor lacerations before fleeing. Police, Fire and Emergency Services Minister Nicole Manison said the crimes were inexcusable.

"Crime against our most vulnerable is completely unacceptable," she said.

"We know our police will work hard to get justice for these victims."