From left, Jessica Tovey, Michael Dorman, Brooke Satchwell and Anna Bamford star in the TV series Wonderland.
From left, Jessica Tovey, Michael Dorman, Brooke Satchwell and Anna Bamford star in the TV series Wonderland. Contributed by Network Ten

Wonderland a light-hearted Aussie drama

MICHAEL Dorman and Anna Bamford are Australia's hottest new TV couple who aren't really a couple.

Well, not yet.

Their characters on Ten's new drama Wonderland look like they're on a collision course for a relationship.

The 22-part light-hearted drama, set in Sydney's eastern beaches, is from two of the people behind Foxtel's acclaimed prison drama Wentworth.

Dorman plays charming bachelor Tom Wilcox who has signed a "napkin treaty" promising not to sleep with any female flatmates for a year after his latest girlfriend causes a blow-up at his friends' wedding.

"Tom is not a womaniser, but he's one of those guys," Dorman told The Guide.

"It's not like he falls in love. The best way I can describe Tom is that he never let go of that snuggly blanket he had as a child and unfortunately for him, he kind of has kept on following that.

"He needs that snuggly kind of comfort, so when he meets beautiful female energy he's like 'comfort, comfort' and so he's in there."

Wonderland - Ten - Wednesday at 8.30pm

Bamford's character Miranda says she's not interested in her older brother's best mate, but as Tom's ex Kristen forebodes, "the next thing you know you'll be nuts about him and you'll find yourself standing in front of 100 people singing Olivia Newton-John".

There's a lot more to Tom than his commitment issues, says Dorman.

"He's so separate from me," he said.

"Rather than focus on him being a ladies man, I try to focus on what he'd be feeling in certain situations and approach the role that way. It seems to be working."

He says Tom's more than capable of changing the way he interacts with women.

The risk of losing his beloved 1964 Ford Falcon, the collateral in the napkin treaty, and the wrath of Miranda's sister Steve, should be plenty of motivation.

Plus his mum, staying in the same building, is on hand for mini therapy sessions.

"He'll learn, hopefully," Dorman said.

"I'm excited to see how he grows as a character. You pour all your time and energy into him and you're kind of growing with him, so I can't wait to see how he ends up."

Last episode also introduced the Wonderland crew's regular "FAT" nights, stands for food appreciation time, where mobile phones are off limits at the table.