STAR: Alichia Snowdon is a musical and drama star at Victory College
STAR: Alichia Snowdon is a musical and drama star at Victory College Troy Jegers

Dramatic musical future for Victory College star student

PERFORMANCE is the art form Alichia Snowdon shares with her friends at Gympie's Victory College.

Gifted musically and dramatically, she is noted by school representatives as someone who does her best to bring out the best in the talents of others, as well as working hard to make the most of her own extraordinary abilities.

The winner of the school's Secondary Performing Arts Award last year, she was commended for displaying "the Victory College values of service and excellence through through her contribution to music” at the school.

The Year 11 student performs a wide range of music on several different instruments and includes drama among her other interests.

The music and the theatre come together in projects like the school's coming production of The Hobbit; the Musical that will premiere towards the end of this year.

She is described by teachers as "a committed member of the vocal ensemble, senior choir, jazz band and chapel band”.

She sings and plays bass and keyboards, mostly piano.

Her favourite subjects are drama, film and television, business studies, English literature, modern history and music.

Music takes two hours a day to keep in practice.

"But I enjoy it, so time flies. I don't always enjoy every moment, but it balances itself out in the end,” she said.

Preparation is an important secret to Alichia's success so far.

"She always comes to rehearsals prepared to the point where she can help other members with their roles.

"She is happy to slot in where she is needed and puts the interests of the group ahead of her own,” one teacher commented.