Socials - Kailyn Wansbrough Madelyn Holroyd and Juliette Holroyd at Borumba Deer Park
Socials - Kailyn Wansbrough Madelyn Holroyd and Juliette Holroyd at Borumba Deer Park LEEROY TODD

Dream catch as $2.3M Valley holiday park up for sale

ONE of the Mary Valley's biggest holiday draw cards has hit the market at $2.3 million but there's a whole lot more you can't put a price tag on.

It's a holiday destination with heart, according to the couple who took a gamble on the hidden gem 12 years ago when they returned to Australia from working life overseas.

Searching for something beyond the 9am-5pm routine, Col and Rosa Huddy invested in the Yabba Creek property after the previous owner turned it from a deer farm to a caravan park.

"I didn't even know Imbil existed until we bought the place,” Mr Huddy said.

"It seemed a bit more fun than buying a caravan park on a highway where cars just zoom in and out.”

"The big thing that sold us originally was we saw so many ways to improve it and turn it into a really good business.”

Col and Rosa Huddy of Borumba Deer Park.
Col and Rosa Huddy of Borumba Deer Park. Contributed

Hundreds and thousands of dollars have since gone into new amenities, improved sites and communal cooking, playing and activity areas.

"We have spread the caravan park out - so people aren't shoulder to shoulder.”

With 100 sites sprawling across 25 hectares (62 acres), one kilometre of shaded creek frontage, a menagerie of friendly animals and Borumba Dam for boating and fishing just two kilometres away, there is a steady and ever-growing stream of family-orientated tourists calling the park their holiday home.

"The thing that makes it really good is 70-80 per cent are repeat families; we know most of them.

"We've seen kids grow up from six to 16. While some of the originals are now bringing back kids of kids.

"We have a lot of fun.”

On the back of a bumper summer crowd, retirement is now beckoning for the devoted owners.

"I'm 75 and we just figured it was time to move on; with some regret because it's been a nice to place to live,” Mr Huddy said.

But they plan to stay in the area.

"Imbil is one of the easiest towns to become part of.

"I find in Imbil there are an incredible number of people who contribute something to the comm without seeing any recognition.

"If anyone wanted to move to Imbil - I'd recommend it - people will make you welcome.”

The park is made up of 60 powered sites, 150 camp sites, seven cabins, six on-site vans, a communal barn and two camp kitchens.

The owner's quarter contains a four bedroom farmhouse, self-contained flat, swimming pool and studio.