Drink driving and speeders front the Gympie Magistrates Court today.
Drink driving and speeders front the Gympie Magistrates Court today. Arthur Gorrie

Drink drivers and speedsters cop it in Gympie court

Drink driving charge

ENJOYING a night out with mates ended with a Palms man losing his licence for three months,

Gympie Magistrates Court heard yesterday. Mitchell James Rolfe, 20, was leaving a dinner party on Sunday, August 5.

He admitted to having one and a half beers, waiting a while and then driving home.

Gympie police were conducting a roadside breath test near Monkland when they stopped Rolfe.

Police prosecutor Michael Phillips said Rolfe blew a reading of 0.081.

He was fined $500 and disqualified from driving for three months.

Road signage ignorance

IGNORING road work signage and failing to keep left of the dividing line ended with a Gympie man being fined $1000 in Gympie Magistrates Court yesterday.

Michael Peter Williamson was driving 60km/h in a 40km/h zone on Sunday, August 26.

Represented by his defence barrister, Williamson was not present at the courthouse, but confirmed his guilty plea.

Williamson was driving on Waldock Rd near Groundwater Rd.

He knew about the roadworks, but didn't think the speed limit was enforced when no workers were present, the court was told. He was fined $500 for both offences.

No conviction was recorded.

Licence denied

GYMPIE man Saxon Ian James Barr was denied a special hardship order application to get his licence back, Gympie Magistrates Court was told.

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair denied the man based on a previous charge on March 5, 2017.