OPEN: Zambrero franchisees Ryan and Tamara Russell and Zarraffa's franchisee Jason Meares (right) at their new stores in Yamanto.
OPEN: Zambrero franchisees Ryan and Tamara Russell and Zarraffa's franchisee Jason Meares (right) at their new stores in Yamanto. David Nielsen

Drive right through for our trendy precinct at Yamanto

SERVICE in food and beverage is becoming all about quick turnaround and convenience for today's busy lifestyles and it is no surprise the first tenancies snapped up in the Yamanto Village development were the two drive-through stores fronting busy Warwick Rd.

Yamanto Village Convenience Centre which opened next to the Glades Tavern early this month now boasts Ipswich's first Zarraffa's Cafe and one of the south-east's first drive-through Zambrero restaurants.

Ipswich couple Ryan and Tamara Russell opened their third Zambrero franchise in the city in the growth area last week.

They opened Zambrero at Riverlink in 2014 and Bundamba in 2015 as part of one of the country's fastest growing franchises with the Yamanto store the 112th store in the country and outlets in New Zealand, Thailand and Ireland. They also run a fruit and veg wholesale business Freshway Produce at Rocklea Brisbane Fruit Markets.

At 250sq m, the Yamanto restaurant is the biggest Zambrero outlet for the Australian franchise.

"We wanted to make it somewhere where people could come and enjoy their meal and if they have kids in the car or they are going somewhere they have the drive-through or if they come in there is a kids' play room, playstation, TV, drawing gear and games," Mrs Russell said.

She said the restaurant was the fourth drive-through Zambrero in south-east Queensland and eighth in the country.

"People come through our drive-through, do a U-turn and go through Zarraffa's drive-through. Everyone loves the convenience," she said.

Zarraffa's franchisee Jason Meares agreed drive-throughs were the way of the future. He and his wife Leah Davis also have a Zarraffa's at Loganlea which opened almost four years ago with a drive-through.

"That is where Zarraffa's is headed.

"All of their new stores are drive-through and they are relocating a lot of the smaller kiosk stores into drive-throughs as well," Mr Meares said.

Subway is being fitted out at Yamanto Village Convenience Centre and the franchisee plans to relocate within the centre to a drive-through outlet.

"That was the main drawcard for the site, that there was a few drive-throughs," Mr Meares said.

"We don't get a lot of dine-in traffic at Loganlea but we do get a lot of dine-in here as well as drive-through at Yamanto."

The Yamanto Village development is based around a Caltex service station and will also feature Noodle Box which is being fitted out now and a proposed gym.