LATEST: When Graham Barnes rushed to help the driver of an upside down crashed car, he never expected the man to pull a knife on him.

Mr Barnes was at his home on the corner of Palmer Street and Grendon Street when a man rolled his car onto his front lawn. 

Visibly shocked by the ordeal, Mr Barnes described how he rushed to help, before the driver threatened him with a knife. 

"I didn't actually see the crash but I helped the driver get out of the vehicle and tried to prevent him from walking away when he pulled a knife on me," said Mr Barnes.

"I followed him down to the units down the road. He went into the top unit, he went out the back units, tried to jump the back fence, I was waiting at the fence for him and then he went back in the unit came out the front door.

"Him and another bloke in a silver ford ute with no bumper bar and drove off."

Mr Barnes said the man was bleeding "across the top of his nose".

He describes the man as "stocky build, dark hair, moustache, goatie, reasonably well kept" with "black shirt, black cargo shorts, a black bag with orange cross hitch on it and that's what the knife was in". 

UPDATE 3.45PM: A WOMAN who witnessed the dramatic roll over of a vehicle in north Mackay this afternoon said the driver was bleeding from the head when he fled the scene.

The 28-year-old Beaconsfield woman said she was driving down Palmer Street when she saw the vehicle roll.

"It was going up Grendon Street, past the intersection...I'm not sure how he rolled it," she said.

"The driver got out with blood coming from his head then he ran to a house on Grendon Street on the corner and got into a silver ute and took off.

"They tried to chase him but he got away."

It is believed the vehicle the man fled in is a silver Ford Falcon utility with an aluminium tray.


A car has flipped at the intersection of Palmer and Grendon Streets.
A car has flipped at the intersection of Palmer and Grendon Streets. Zarisha Bradley

UPDATE 3.40PM: THE MAN who fled a crash in North Mackay after producing a knife to witnesses has now fled in a ute.

The man was reportedly picked up by a silver single cab Ford Falcon ute.

The vehicle that remains on its roof at the intersection is understood to have stolen number plates however it is unclear if the vehicle is stolen.

More to come.

BREAKING 3.35PM: POLICE are racing to the intersection of Grendon Street and Palmer Street in North Mackay after a vehicle rolled and the driver reportedly fled.

Initial reports indicate the vehicle is on its roof at the intersection and the male driver was assisted out of the vehicle before fleeing the scene.

He reportedly produced a knife to witnesses at the scene before running down Palmer Street.

The man is reportedly being chased by a witness.

He is wearing black shorts, black shirt, black cap and a back pack.

Members of the public are urged not to approach the man and to give way to emergency services.

The dog squad has also been notified.