Shaun Darren Jones was jailed for six years’ for drug trafficking.
Shaun Darren Jones was jailed for six years’ for drug trafficking.

Drug courier jailed for role in interstate syndicate

A DRUG trafficker who was part of a multimillion-dollar interstate syndicate has been jailed for his role in the Queensland wing of the operation.

Shaun Darren Jones, 29, was running ice and collecting debts for the syndicate when it was brought to its knees by a police raid in 2015 that uncovered 5kg of ice, 1kg of cocaine and more than $4 million in cash.

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The Redbank Plains father of three worked for two months for the group, that shipped large quantities of ice between Sydney to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Perth and Adelaide.

Jones pleaded guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday to drug trafficking, possessing dangerous drugs and other drug-related charges and was sentenced to six years’ jail.

Crown prosecutor Christopher Cook said Jones had a minor drug history, but the trafficking was an “escalation” of offending.

Mr Cook told the court Jones also got commercial benefit from his involvement.

“Exactly what Mr Jones’ cut was from the syndicate is unknown,” he said.

“But it’s clear … he wasn’t doing it out of the goodness of his own heart.”

Defence barrister Malcolm Harrison said Jones had only got involved to repay a drug debt that he owed to the syndicate, and he never travelled interstate for the group.

The court was told Jones had only made enough money to feed his habit and “keep his head above water”.

Mr Harrison said Jones, who has worked as a powder coater, spiralled into drug crime after separating from his wife but seemed to have turned his life around.

Since drug driving while on bail in 2017, Jones had stayed on the right path, the court was told.

“The road to redemption … has not always been smooth. But nonetheless it appears there has been change in his life,” Mr Harrison said.

Jones will be eligible for parole on July 24, 2021. – NewsRegional