Marijuana was the motive for an alleged violent home invasion in Rifle Range Rd.
Marijuana was the motive for an alleged violent home invasion in Rifle Range Rd. NSW Police Force

Drug hold-up the motive for Rifle Range Rd invasion

A PLAN to steal drugs was the motive behind an alleged violent home invasion in Rifle Range Rd, Gympie District Court was told yesterday.

Judge Glen Cash refused bail to one of the three accused in the case, Kyle Andrew Alve.

He said Alve was alleged to have been part of an armed three-man group which burst into the home and attacked a man, demanding drugs.

Judge Cash said the charges involved allegations the group had broken into the home, while armed, threatening violence at night and causing grievous bodily harm.

"The alleged facts are that he and two co-accused engaged in a pre-meditated home invasion with the intention of stealing drugs,” the judge said.

They had allegedly arrived at the property with a firearm which was fired.

"Mr Alve demanded drugs and one of the people present produced a bag of cannabis and gave it to Mr Alve,” he said, quoting police allegations.

During the course of the home invasion, Alve allegedly discharged the gun and also inflicted "multiple lacerations” with a knife, causing his victim to suffer a damaged small bowel, which ultimately required surgery.

"That's alleged to constitute the grievous bodily harm,” Judge Cash said.

He said people alleged to have used weapons were in a position where they had to show cause why it would be unjust not to grant them bail.

"I'm required to refuse bail unless the applicant satisfies me that his continued detention is not justified.”

Judge Cash said Alve had been in jail since late November last year.

"But a significant proportion of that time was taken into account recently when he was sentenced in the Supreme Court, Brisbane, for drug offences,” he said.

And some would ultimately count as time already served, he said.