Drugs fuel one-man crime spree

A MAN will spend more time behind bars after being convicted of breaking into properties and stealing items, including jewellery.

Allan John McDonald, 42, pleaded guilty to six offences including entering a premises and committing an indictable offence, receiving tainted property and fraud when he appeared in Bundaberg Magistrates Court on Friday.

The court heard the offending began in late December when McDonald was found in possession of a key ring that came from a break and enter.

Soon after he entered a closed garage door, where some items were taken, he moved to the laundry area where more things were taken.

When the victims returned to their premises, they noticed a can of Jim Beam in the laundry.

Police did tests and found McDonald’s DNA on the lip of the can.

Later between January 2 and 5, McDonald gained access to a shed on a McCracken St property.

A set of house keys were removed before he went inside the dwelling where he allegedly stole items including jewellery, an old perfume bottle and other items valued at more than $3000.

Food had also been consumed from the fridge and a cigarette lighter was found in the bedroom, the court heard.

DNA from the lighter was matched to McDonald.

Police prosecutor Senior-Constable Tina Bland told the court McDonald had like-offending in his criminal history.

Later on January 9, police intercepted McDonald while he was driving on Barolin St, Avenell Heights, before he was meant to face court that day.

McDonald admitted to recent consumption of meth and marijuana.

A drug test returned a positive reading for both substances in his system.

Sen-Constable Bland said McDonald was on a suspended sentence at the time some of the offences were committed and asked to the court that the term be activated.

“Someone’s home was entered, it’s an extremely serious offence,” she said.

McDonald’s lawyer Thomas Bray told the court his client had been in a relationship with his partner for the past two years.

Mr Bray said McDonald intended on moving back to the Toowoomba area with his partner once he was released from jail.

He said McDonald also had work options lined up after his release.

He said before the incidents occurred McDonald and his partner were “sleeping rough” on the streets.

Mr Bray said since McDonald was taken into custody, he had engaged with drug services to help with his substance abuse.

His client had a “real wake-up call” since being in jail and had gone out of his way to make plans for when he was released.

Magistrate Andrew Moloney took into account McDonald’s plea of guilty and said it was a sign of his remorse for the offences.

He also considered the plea as being early.

Mr Moloney described the offending as “unsophisticated”.

“Twice you left behind evidence, DNA on the can of drink and the lighter, food was also eaten,” he said.

“It is clear you were in the grips of a drug addiction … your history tends to indicate, like for most people, when you started using ice, the descent into serious conduct is rapid and you are almost a textbook example of that.

“You’re 42, one wonders why you are involving yourself in this drug at such a mature age.

“It is very serious offending, you were entering properties and taking things. It is a recipe for disaster if you were to be disturbed in someone’s home when an offence was taking place.”

McDonald was convicted on all counts and received a head sentence of 12 months imprisonment with shorter terms to be served concurrently.

The 79 days of pre-sentence custody was declared as time already served.

Mr Moloney also activated McDonald’s nine-month suspended sentence.

For the drug driving, McDonald received a $300 fine and was disqualified from holding a licence for one month.

He will be released on parole on May 14.